Student Information

Student Name

Bryant Kwai




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Japanese American Society of New Jersey

Mentor(s):Mina Yoshigaki

Topic of Internship

Traditional Japanese High School and English Langu

Background Information

The Japanese American Society of New Jersey is a dual language school and organization located in Fort Lee, New Jersey and was founded in 1974 As an organization, the Japanese American Society of New Jersey primarily focuses on bridging understanding, knowledge, and appreciation between aspects of Japanese and American culture It also functions as a center for language interpretation, or translation for documents that come through to the organization In addition, the organization has access to many pieces of traditional literature including popular Japanese books and videos cataloged within the office’s library Supported by individuals, foundations, and different corporations, JAS is amongst the only organizations in New Jersey dedicated to deepening a cultural understanding between the United States and Japan.

Summary of Internship

A typical day at the Japanese American Society of New Jersey starts with me setting up a classroom so that students who come in may learn Japanese or English. Additionally, I deliver great numbers of mail around the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey to neighboring businesses or companies that have ties to my mentor or the organization. Most of my efforts, however, are assisting my mentor frame or create binding contracts that she presents to her potential clients and coworkers. This is not a responsibility and privilege that I partook in in the first weeks of my internship During my early experiences at the office, my mentor had me analyze and understand the examples of a sufficient and effective contract, and from these I would learn the use of language, whether short or direct, she required In addition, I learned her formatting tendencies and how she liked to view certain pieces of information I mainly observed by scrutinizing my mentor’s activities and she would later include me in her work This required me to apply careful attention to detail and language.

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