Student Information

Student Name

Elliot Fisher




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Liberman Networks

Mentor(s):Jason Liberman

Topic of Internship

IT, Networking

Background Information

Liberman Networks, Inc. is a full-service IT solutions provider primarily servicing large and small corporations throughout the New York Metropolitan area, Southern California, Houston, and Southern Florida. LNI was founded in 2001, servicing Bergen County, New Jersey. The company was built on its ability to communicate with its customers and provide solutions for their home offices and small businesses in the area. Although focused on Small and Medium sized business, LNI continues to provide solutions for both home offices and community businesses.

Summary of Internship

My internship at Liberman Networks covered a wide range of topics in the networking and IT fields, ranging from firewall and switch management, virtualization, data backups and recovery, remote management, server use and domain administration, to more basic IT topics like general tech support. Often, to gain experience in one of these topics, I was given lab work where I would be expected to configure whatever I was working on to operate in a certain way. For example, when working with the switches and firewalls, my task was to create several VLANs on the switch and firewall, and ensure that devices connected to the switch would be able to communicate to the outside web while going through the firewall. While the work was definitely more rigorous than at the academies, there was plenty of opportunity to ask for help from the other techs whenever I found myself struggling, as a result of this, I found gaining a great deal of experience for working as a tech, and consider my time spent at Liberman Networks well spent.

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