Student Information

Student Name

David Kotaev




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Redshift Technologies

Mentor(s):Juin Wang, Matt Scott

Topic of Internship

Software development

Background Information

Founded in 1996, Redshift Technologies is a software development company based in New York that develops custom systems. These systems include analysis of sustainability metrics, medical outcome analysis, environmental toxicology consulting, product cycle assessment, emergency preparedness analysis, compound toxicology and sustainability analysis, and electronic medical systems. Redshift products help businesses improve their own processes. Examples of Redshift products include fertility clinic management systems which process and display patient data, as well as sustainability systems that determine material vendor quality based on metrics like the reliability of their subcontractors and the thoroughness of their material reporting. Systems like these help cosmetics companies (among others) make smarter business decisions. Redshift’s list of clients has included Estee Lauder, NYU, Sanofi Aventis, Yale and Pfizer.

Summary of Internship

As an intern working at Redshift Technologies I work as a developer at my own workstation. I develop software using tools like Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Every Thursday I also attend the bi-weekly status meetings where each employee discusses progress and plans for future work. My work has primarily used the C# language, which is an object-oriented language similar to Java. I was tasked with creating a time interval reporting system for use with the bug management system used internally to keep track of our progress. This involved using the system’s XML API and learning how to use Microsoft’s C# APIs, including XDocument for parsing XML responses and the DataTable API for processing and storing data. Throughout my time I have learned more about programming data types like lists and dictionaries, both of which have a variety of uses and unique implementations in C#. I primarily used the MVC framework, which stands for Model-View-Controller; MVC is a programming design pattern which aims to separate the processing of data (controller), the storage and structure of data (model), and the presentation of data (view). This framework works very well for web applications. This internship requires the ability to reason through problems as well as prior experience with programming in general, but allows you a high degree of independence. I have definitely gained useful experience, especially in applying the MVC framework.

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