Student Information

Student Name

Min Sun Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: ChamDoen Presbyterian Church

Mentor(s):John B. Yeo

Topic of Internship

Behaviors of Children in Different Environments

Background Information

ChamDoen Presbyterian Church (CDPC) aims to secure faith, and informs the importance of Christianity. The people of this church welcome individuals of all ages and ethnic groups. ChamDoen’s ministry can be found across the globe, and the nearest location from Academies@Englewood is found at 24 West Sheffield Ave, Englewood. The main language is in Korean, but fortunately, there is a ministry for people with English as their first language. There are four adult service times to help those fit their schedules comfortably, along with services for young children, youth group, young adults, and English Ministry.

Summary of Internship

During my internship at ChamDeon Presbyterian Church, I meet with the youth group pastor John Yeo, and other teachers. We would plan and discuss future events for the Korean School (held every Saturday). The main objective is to help the teachers educate the students about Korean culture, but as an intern I focused on studying the behaviors of the students based on their environments. After each class, I would take notes based on my own observations. Studying the different behaviors in children can help others understand the reason for the children’s actions.

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