Student Information

Student Name

Daniel Pak




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Nordoff Robbins Center for Music Therapy

Mentor(s):Alan Turry, Ming Yuan Low

Topic of Internship

Music Therapy

Background Information

The Nordoff- Robbins Center for Music Therapy was founded by Dr. Clive Robbins and Carol Robbins in 1989. It is currently a part of the music therapy graduate program at New York Universityís Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Directed by Dr. Alan Turry, the centerís mission is to provide clinical, professional, and public services through treatment, training, and research programs. All members of the music therapy staff are licensed and board certified music therapists in the state of New York. Along with a license, all therapists have completed an additional post-graduate clinical training program in the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy approach. The Centerís research program is closely tied with conducting therapy and treatment sessions of their own which helps develop and sharpen the therapist's skills.

Summary of Internship

My internship experience with the Nordoff Robbins Center for Music Therapy has been incredibly eye opening and educational. Waking up early every Thursday morning and learning how to take the subway down to NYU, and finding my way around the city was in itself a valuable learning experience. My time actually at the center was all the more rewarding and educational. My responsibilities at the center include filming the two therapy sessions for research purposes, helping organize the instruments, and overall doing whatever my mentors need me to do. When there wasnít a session for me to film, I would sit in on indexing sessions, look through the hundreds of books and videos on music therapy, and occasionally play with the centerís collection of musical instruments. Out of everything I did, however, filming the sessions has become my favorite activity at the center. Having a hands on experience to learning the wonders of music therapy was a huge treat. I would see people with physical or mental disabilities of all ages walk through the center, excited to sing and play music with the therapists. Although some of their disabilities made it hard for them to communicate through coherent words and with traditional language, music helped translate their emotions and thoughts into something beautiful.Through singing, dancing, beating the drums or playing the piano, all clients were able to speak their minds through music. My time at the center has helped me realize the potential of music and the extreme benefits of music therapy.

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