Student Information

Student Name

Victor Morell




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack University Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Gary Munk

Topic of Internship

Clinical Virology

Background Information

HUMC is a non-profit research and teaching hospital located in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. It provides tertiary and healthcare for northern New Jersey and New York metropolitan area. The medical center was founded in 1888 as Bergen County’s first hospital with initially holding a limited 12 beds. Since then it has become the largest hospital to provide inpatient and outpatient services and the fourth largest hospital in the nation based on admissions. Furthermore, it has the largest workforce in Bergen County with its 9,000 employees and annual budget of $1 billion.

Summary of Internship

Interning in the Clinical Virology department of HUMC has given me a detailed view of an interdisciplinary practice between medicine and science. Dr. Munk’s many responsibilities range from surveillance reports of viruses in New Jersey to creating guidelines for viruses around the world. In addition to international influence, Dr. Munk does extensive work within HUMC. By contributing to various committees like IACUC for animal testing or discussion of antibiotic use in HUMC as a biological safety officer, Dr. Munk stays intimately involved in the status of HUMC. Dr. Munk has done a lot of work to give me a perspective of the multi-departmental concerns that Clinical Virology deals with. Examples of this are patient care responsibilities like taking care of the threats that patients with compromised immune systems face (bone marrow transplants) or assisting other departments like teaching nurses about Virology and taking care of sampling. While much of this material was over my head, Dr. Munk put a great amount of effort to give a summary after these events in order to create a learning experience. While my personal responsibilities tended to be diversified each week, the discussion Dr. Munk created on topics that were relevant to other fields and current events was extremely interesting and insightful. Working with Dr. Munk has broadened and sharpened my knowledge of the medical and scientific field as a whole, and I look forward to applying this knowledge and experience in college.

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