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Company/Organization: Scotia Capital (USA)

Mentor(s):Diane Sakowski

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Background Information

Scotia Capital (USA) Inc. is Canada’s third largest bank for market capitalization and deposits. It provides its services to over 21 million customers in over 55 countries internationally. Its services include wealth management, personal and commercial banking, and corporate and investment banking. The bank is considered to be “Canada’s most international bank” as it provides services on the individual and business levels. The bank also provides its services of corporate and investment banking, capital markets products, and services to institutional and government services all around the world. Since the bank uses conservative practices, it was one of the least impacted banks due to the recession. Therefore, the bank lead the way in the new and emerging markets after 2008. The bank holds its presence on the global scale including areas of North America, South America, Europe, and Southern Asia. Since its beginnings in 1832, the bank has been a trusted and powerful financial corporation globally.

Summary of Internship

As an intern in the Finance Department of Scotiabank in New York City, I was responsible for helping my mentor in matters of accounting. Working under the manager of accounts payable of 35 years, my tasks were focused on entering data, managing expense reports, and managing invoice reports. I started my internship filing employee and vendor reports for the current fiscal year. Once I was settled in my earlier duties, my tasks were focused on creating expense reports and sending out payments. I continued further my learning by learning how to enter and organize expense information in Peoplesoft. As time further progressed, I had the pleasure of meeting with employees of the bank in several different departments including Money Markets, Operations and Prime Services. I gained valuable insight, knowledge, and connections from these employees which opened the doors to all the information I needed to know about finance. I worked with a team who demonstrated pure professionalism, but also demonstrated acceptance and friendliness to me. I could not have asked for a greater high school internship experience than this one.

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