Student Information

Student Name

Jay Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: KAB Computers

Mentor(s):Kenneth Bruno, Ramon Nunez, Oliver Heredia

Topic of Internship

Computer Science

Background Information

KAB Computers was started in 2002 by Kenneth A Bruno. KAB Computers provides services that range from network problems to viruses. Every member of KAB Computers is capable of solving the problems efficiently and effectively. In addition to solving the various problems they must face, KAB Computers sells various technology products and help customers find the best products for their workplace. As KAB Computers progresses as an organization, not only will they be able to solve more problems, but they will also be more reliable.

Summary of Internship

At KAB Computers has me at work all the time. Every day I am able to experience what happens in the world of IT and apply it to myself at home. Every Thursday, I go to an on-the-site job with my mentors where we work with a variety of problems. I observe what my mentor does when we are out and make sure I can apply it to my own home. KAB Computers has also taught how experiences shape who you are. You could have a good education, but if you do not have enough experience, you will have a hard time working at a job. In KAB Computers, all the employees are able to solve problems on the fly. They know what they have to do, when they see it and when they see something they are not sure about, the next time they see the same problem, they will be able to solve it. KAB is an experience that I will cherish and the values I have learned there, will be those that I will keep forever.

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