Student Information

Student Name

Tanjanay Hardy- Ellis




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Carol Hoth

Topic of Internship

Nursing/Patient Care

Background Information

Incorporated in 1888, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is a non-profit, non-sectarian voluntary health facility. In June of 1890, Englewood Hospital opened up in Englewood, New Jersey as a twelve bed wooden building. As time passed, Englewood Hospital grew enormously into new buildings containing five hundred twenty beds. The hospital is well known for their surgery, cardiac, bloodless medicine, breast care, oncology, joint replacement, and vascular programs. Not only is Englewood Hospital filled with the best programs for their patients, but the health staff is filled with highly motivated people willing to take care of their patients.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday when I attend internship at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, I begin the morning with nursing rounds throughout the hospital. To make the process faster, I work one of my classmates, Michelle Choi, and we attend different floors to do the nursing rounds together. The main floors we do the nursing rounds on are the fourth and eighth floor but a few times we have done rounds on the sixth and seventh floor. The fourth floor has patients for oncology and stroke, the sixth and seventh floor has patients in for heart conditions, and the eighth floor has patients in for surgical conditions. During our nursing rounds, we provide the patients with necessities/toiletries such as lotion, mouthwash, socks, and tissues. We check if the room is filled with gloves and any other equipment the patientsí nurses and doctors need. Once the rounds are done, we usually look around for call lights (lights that indicate if a patient needs anything) and answer the call lights to see what the patient needs. If it requires something out of our control, we simply get their assigned nurse.

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