Student Information

Student Name

Michelle Cho




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Visual Country

Mentor(s):Meagan Cignoli

Topic of Internship

Video Production

Background Information

Visual Country is a video production agency that creates short videos to share on social media. The company is located in New York City and was founded by Meagan Cignoli, my mentor. Meagan is an artist and influencer who gained popularity through posting stop-motion videos on the social media platform, Vine. As of today, she has more than 700,000 followers on Vine with millions of views on her videos. Visual Country works with major brands and clients, like Google and Apple, to help companies advertise through different media. The works are inspired by fashion, food, and travel and range from six seconds to fifteen seconds videos that tell different types of stories to entertain and attract viewers. The team at Visual Country consists of talented designers and creators who help to produce original content. After long periods of shooting and editing, these videos are then shared to the public through Vine, Instagram, and Twitter.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Visual Country, I have different tasks and work with different people in the office/studio. My job is to help out whenever someone from the team needs my assistance. Because there is a lot to do “behind-the-scenes”, I usually help clean up and put away props from a shoot, organize the closet, or help make props for an upcoming video. I also work on the laptop where I add items to the inventory or work on the company’s social media accounts. Occasionally, I get to shadow creatives from the team and help out in their shoot. I also watch and learn how they use the stop-motion program, Dragonframe. Everyone at the office is always working on a video whether they are shooting, editing, or prepping, so I get a glimpse of a future video that will be shared to the public. I feel lucky to have been given this rare opportunity to work with a professional and gain more knowledge about the video production industry.

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