Student Information

Student Name

Tiffany Wong




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Prana Marekting and Media Relations

Mentor(s):Amanda Garcia and Angela Thomas

Topic of Internship

Public Relations/Marketing

Background Information

Located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prana Marketing and Media Relations is a growing business in its field. It was started in 2001 by CEO Angela Thomas. Thomas had previously worked for major music companies such as BMG, Universal and Sony. Once, she saw the decline in the music business she decided to venture out on her own. The companyís distinct mission statement is as follows : to be an integrated marketing and media relations firm offering a full suite of services for entertainment properties, music artists, theaters, brands, corporations, small businesses and healthcare. Prana understands the increasing shift of power for consumers in the ever-changing world they live in particularly the new digital space, and can quickly and effectively tailor oneís message so that it will be seen and heard through all the media outlets. Utilizing all distribution channels, Prana is a one-stop agency that produces results. Through traditional, digital and new media, Prana creates strategic marketing campaigns that include publicity, advertising, on-line marketing, social media, graphic design, website design, advertising placement and production for (radio, television and print) thus creating a brand identity. What sets Prana apart from other agencies? Prana is known for connecting clients with opportunities. Prana will develop the right solutions to insure that the message is delivered and received by the proper demographic. Prana has so many clients from big names like Benzel Busch and NJPAC to smaller names like Vantage Health Systems and Grissini.

Summary of Internship

During the summer, I decided to make the decision of interning at a firm dealing with business. I took the initiative to look at the Senior Experience page, and explore the internships of past students. I knew that I wanted to intern at either a marketing firm. In early June, †I decided to contact Prana Marketing. My mentor Amanda Garcia gave me an interview and I got the internship. Through my internship, I have been able to experience what the marketing world is all about. I had the chance to do the work of a typical marketer. Because of my internship I have been able to become less socially awkward, in addition to working under pressure, which is something a marketer usually has to do. Iíve learned to post / promote events , put out press releases , answer phones , and more importantly how to help with an event. All these skills will be extremely helpful in the field I would like to pursue. One thing I have gained the most is the feeling of working in a professional PR field. I have watched both of my mentors at work and their drive and skills have given me even more incentive to pursue my career in the PR and Marketing field. Every day I feel more confident about the work Iím doing and am always eager to do more. My internship has given me a little glimpse of the business world, a world in which I am eager to explore.

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