Student Information

Student Name

Aldona Brzek




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Liberty Realty

Mentor(s):Andrea Alummootil, Ernest Maynor

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Liberty Realty LLC is a real estate company that mainly focuses on commercial and residential real estate in Hudson County. They have many single and multi-family homes that go for sale and rent every week as well as a wide variety of condos and brownstone buildings. Because of the location of their offices being in Hoboken and Jersey City, for many years they have had connections with community apartment complexes in the area, which are offered to Liberty Realty clients first once, they become available. When it comes to commercial real estate, businesses are offered with the best selections in Hoboken and Jersey City that would accommodate their needs. Because of the large amount of realtors working in Liberty Realty, there will always be someone who will help you find what you need whether it is a retail shop, office space for your company’s staff, an apartment near the waterfront, or newly constructed condominiums and Manhattan Style Apartments, Liberty Realty agents will do their best to make sure you are satisfied at the end.

Summary of Internship

As an intern my responsibility every Thursday was to make sure all of the files had been up to date on every property that at the time is still in the process of sold. I had access to my mentors Zillow accounts, which allows me to update any properties or add new ones for people to see. When my mentor would come into the office, I would be assigned something new that she would teach and explain how to complete the task in order for me to be able know how to do it next time. During the day, there would be open houses that we would attend. At the open houses I would follow my mentor to learn exactly what people ask for when they are viewing a house as well as what should be shown to the clients. When renovations would be finished to the houses that were on the market, I would have to call stagers and food caterers. The stagers would improve the inside of the house/apartment by adding furniture and decorations which would help the visitors at the open house see how they could possibly feel at home. With all of the lessons that my mentor has taught me, I have been able to understand the different way of selling homes and how each one has different requirements and the amount of time they have to be sold in in order to reach a certain price goal.

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