Student Information

Student Name

Michelle Baksh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Carol Hoth and Sue Riordan

Topic of Internship

Hospitalist, Courtesy, Interventional Radiologist

Background Information

Englewood Hospital and Medical was established in 1888 as a non-profit, non-sectarian voluntary health care facility whose goal was to help the sick. In 1890 on June 14, the hospital opened its doors, having humble beginnings with just 12 beds in the tiny building. However, the three acre spit of land on Engle Street in Englewood New Jersey would grow into a huge, beautiful establishment. Only 11 days after it was opened, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center had their first patient. In 1906 they began to expand and grow and even stayed strong throughout all the epidemics that hit during WWI. Today, itís sufficient in certified doctors, nurses, specialist and physician. The hospital is thriving with itís renowned use of bloodless medicine and many surgical programs.

Summary of Internship

The first thing I do when I arrive is sign in to the computers with the Volunteer ID number I was assigned. After that, depending on the day, I go to different departments within the hospital. Sometimes I stay in down in courtesy, where I take calls that come in from all over the hospital and carry out various jobs. On busy days, Iíd go up to the Barrie wing and help out with discharges there or in the Kaplan Pavilion wing, to assist in the nursing rounds and carts. I was even given a chance by the hospitalist, to shadow a team of doctors. After getting a taste of the different sectors, I was placed in the Radiology Department. Here I get to watch different procedure done by Interventional Radiologist. Surgeries such as angioplasty fistulas and sometimes I even get to watch a surgery in the OR. Itís a fulfilling experience that really allows me to get to witness what really happens in a hospital setting. Many of the employees are extremely helpful in explaining everything to me which makes me feel like Iím part of the family.

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