Student Information

Student Name

Paula Niederland




Internship Information

Company/Organization: First and Last PR

Mentor(s):Stephanie Scott

Topic of Internship

Public Relations

Background Information

First and Last PR is a very esteemed Beauty Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing Firm whose goal is to bring a positive voice to beauty brands large and small. First and Last PR is extremely experienced in the beauty field and can carry each client to the top with its expertise and innovative strategies. First and Last PR was founded in 2012 by the CEO, Stephanie Scott, and the company is remarkably unique with its methods of operation. First and Last PR will tailor its services to fit each individual client and First and Last PR values personal relationships with the brands they represent. First and Last PR has connections to many top beauty editors, bloggers, influencers, celebrity hairstylists, makeup artists, stylists, photographers, and events, ensuring that every client’s brand can thrive in the media.

Summary of Internship

As an intern of First and Last PR, I attend the office every Thursday in Englewood, New Jersey, where the company is headquartered. My tasks include assisting with mailings, scouting for press to secure, tracking client buzz on social media, writing emails, making phone calls, and researching various brands and topics within the beauty industry. At First and Last PR, I have learned about what public relations is as well as the kind of jobs that fall under it. During the time that I have been at First and Last PR, I learned of the behind the scenes aspects in the PR industry and that there are many responsibilities that truly belong to those who work in public relations. I also observed the value of making connections and building relationships in this field. Most importantly, I learned that under public relations, social media can be the greatest tool to creatively help clients of fashion, skincare, hair, and anything else have their brand come to life. First and Last PR gave me an experience working in the office environment and has prepared me for my future career. The best part about my internship at First and Last PR is that I learn more and more each day I enter the office. It did not take long for me to realize that PR is a career path that I would like to follow. I realized that the opportunity under PR is rapidly growing and the field itself is flexible in the kind of jobs available. In fact, I have even decided to major in Public Relations in college.

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