Student Information

Student Name

Melody Magly




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Women's eNews

Mentor(s):Katina Paron, Angie Alvarez

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Women’s eNews is a non profit, online publication that covers issues involving women and girls Women’s eNews commissions work from freelance writers from Afghanistan, Africa, and all over the United States to report on public policy, media, and news. The main goal of Women’s eNews is to inform people of the different lives of women and girls around the the world. It was at a roundtable hosted by the NOW Legal Defense Fund where the discussion of a media outlet made solely for women and public policy soon birthed the idea of Women’s eNews. In 1999, Women’s eNews was born under the NOW Legal Defense Fund and became independent 2 years later. Besides being a publication, Women’s eNews also holds events from the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century gala to celebrate people who dedicate their work to improving the lives of women and girls to the Women’s History Walking Tour that educates groups on different important women in New York City.

Summary of Internship

My internship comprised of work with the Teen Voices portion of Women’s eNews. Teen Voices is a global girl news site and mentoring program that incorporates girls in the production of news about their lives.. As an intern I spent a majority of my Thursday getting to write and brainstorm ideas for articles that would be published by Teen Voices. Another part of Teen Voices is how we publicize the articles, which can vary from online promotion to mini magazine print versions of our articles. I was able to work on the weekly email blasts that go to our Teen Voices subscribers. I also took advantage of social media's throwback Thursday campaign (#TBT) to promote articles from Teen Voices when it was a Boston-based magazine from 1988-2013. I also did clerical work for Teen Voices like updating spreadsheets to keep the publication organized. One of the most important parts of my internship was communication between my mentors and I, as there were many new things I was learning. Being able to hone my journalism skills along with online public relations techniques will definitely help me with my future career and in any endeavour I wish to pursue at university.

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