Student Information

Student Name

Sander Miller




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Siegel Strategies

Mentor(s):James Siegel

Topic of Internship

Political Advertising

Background Information

Siegel Strategies operates as a political communications firm offering political consulting and campaign media management for candidates running for public office as well as offering services for single-issue campaigns. Siegel Strategies offers its clients with political advocacy, government relations, and public relations consulting amongst providing esteemed media content to project a creative message. Focusing mainly upon TV, internet and radio production, Siegel Strategies offers essential consulting in terms of brand identity, message development, as well as media and marketing strategy.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Siegel Strategies, I have had the opportunity to increase my knowledge of the world of political communications as well as improve my skills in writing, researching, and precision editing. I have had the opportunity to be on set of numerous professional production shoots, gaining hands-on experience in regards to film-making, producing and directing. Throughout the course of the year, I have been able to gain inside knowledge as to how candidates run their political campaigns, various campaign strategy methods, as well as having the privilege to meet and discuss key issues with aforementioned candidates. Aside from working with political candidates, I have had the opportunity to learn and work with some great single-issue groups, such as the HeadStrong movement, an organization dedicated towards providing free mental healthcare to veterans suffering from PTSD. A majority of my time as an intern has been spent in the editing room, going over hours of footage to eventually create the perfect product. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the course of my internship is the value of precision and detail, a skill one must be adept at within this field. Next year I will be attending The George Washington University and I will be majoring in Political Communication, and this internship has been an amazing experience to get a true taste of what the industry is like.

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