Student Information

Student Name

Brian Fernandez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergenfield Police Department

Mentor(s):Captain Mustafa Rabboh

Topic of Internship

Law Enforcement

Background Information

The Bergenfield Police Department dedicates themselves to making their city a safe and secure environment for their residents. The Police Department seeks to protect the life and order of its residents, resolving and investigated conflicts involving reported crimes, and protecting the innocent, sick and injured, as well as assisting the disadvantaged. The members of the department devote their lives to perform their law enforcement role by arresting law breaking citizens, subduing criminal activity, and providing a harmless and unhazardous community for all its residents. The members recognize all the visible government services which aid them to assisting residents with their problems and help to maintain their service to the community. They assist any person who comes for help and advice, thus making them a full service agency. The departmentís duty as a municipal police agency is to aid the public.

Summary of Internship

This internship provided me with a multitude of opportunities to contribute to a variety of projects that impacted policing along with the Bergenfield department. During my time at internship, I assisted in ride alongs, worked with the 911 operators, scored the departments firearms, and learned the basics of the law. I learned something new every week at internship, which makes me very excited to pursue this career in my future. My internship, unlike school, did not concentrate on all subjects, but the real world, what people do, commit, live, etc. This was an unforgettable experience for me as I hope to learn more about the criminal justice system and continue studying in college. This journey gave me an inside look on typical police work as well as getting to see the small things that the police officers do to help the community.

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