Student Information

Student Name

Bryant Gomez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The York Theatre Company

Mentor(s):Julie Griffith, Amber Wallace

Topic of Internship

Administrative/Artistic Intern

Background Information

The York Theatre Company is an Off-Broadway, non-profit theater company in East Midtown Manhattan, New York City. York is dedicated to the production of new literate, intimate musicals and provides a place where musicals from the past can be resurrected to a new audience. The theatre also supports talent of all kinds to be showcase for musical theatre. For over four decades, The York Theatre Company’s creative and imaginative style of developing new and classical musicals has resulted in critical acclaim, multiple awards and recognition from audience and critics alike. York is also known to be the only theatre in the city on producing new musical works. Recently, the company hosted the 24th Oscar Hammerstein Awards Gala. In addition, York has presented over 100 staged musicals and over 30 readings of new musicals in the developing reading series. Internship positions vary at the York, and the majority of intern’s time is spent backstage.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at The York Theatre Company, I have the ability to venture to New York City every Thursday. Once I arrive, I wait for my mentor to assign me my task. From my time as an administrative intern, I had the privilege to create and organize, spreadsheets, donation letters, thank you letters, and payments. I remember my first day there that my mentor introduced me to the printer “Sheila” and since then, I would always refer the printer as “Sheila”. As an intern, I also deliver packages to specific areas throughout NYC. Amber became my new mentor around January and from that point on, I shifted from my administrative tasks, focusing more on the artistic side of theatre. Since then, I was assigned on reading scripts of new musicals and provide a detail analysis on the script that I was reading. I was able to watch a couple of the readings, which were surprisingly great. This internship requires a great deal of organization and collaboration. Responsibility and creativity are also crucial, as I began to realize how important it is to have these qualities. I am very fortunate to have attained so much knowledge and I am proud to say that this experience has benefited me for the better.

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