Student Information

Student Name

Atiya Ali




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Evil Genius Group

Mentor(s):Vic Cipolla, Daries Allani, Giana Elenterio

Topic of Internship

Public Relations

Background Information

The Evil Genius is a Public Relations and Marketing firm located in the Fashion District of New York City. The EGG was originally founded by Vic Cipolla and based in California until 2013, when the company relocated to New York and teamed up with Daries Allaniís marketing team. Since then, the EGG has stretched its field of work into social media branding, event planning, and clientele management. The EGG offers internship opportunities from graphic designing and event planning to public relations and sales associations, who join the family of evil geniuses as evil minions.

Summary of Internship

As an intern representing The Evil Genius Group, I have access to up to six different clients information that ranges from their social media post calendar to their campaigning notes every Thursday. I work with my mentors to create content to publish for our clients, managing their image on their social media accounts and give feedback on what we should do to push our clients image further. My internship was heavily writing based and required me to keep my writing skills sharp, as well as constantly pushing my creativity boundaries on topics for our clients. My internship was also very independent being that I was given the ability to create my own ideas for post and wrote them myself. Each week my writing skills and ability to produce quality work improved. I am fortunate enough to have gained this experience at my internship as well as the knowledge I will leave with it and use in college and beyond.

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