Student Information

Student Name

Nasr Kamar




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Qnary

Mentor(s):Ray Carbonell

Topic of Internship

Public Relations / Reputation Growth

Background Information

Qnary LLC, launched in 2012, is an online reputation growth and advocacy company geared towards optimizing digital media and platforms. This means to find strategies and solutions to build clients’ audience followship and influence. These strategies are tailored towards each individual client to create authentic and original content. Through these posts on social media platforms, this can give clients a bigger following within the niche groups that advocate specific topics. These groups range from banking, packaged goods, retail, energy, media, real estate, insurance, education, healthcare, automotive, and food and beverage. Qnary is based in New York City but provides services to clients around the world and enterprise in English and Spanish languages.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Qnary, there is to do. Because the company is still a startup, there are many different things to be given that ranges from each director. My mentor is a part of the editorial team who gives me various responsibilities of creating content for clients as well as managing social media accounts. This is done through looking through at each client’s social media strategies and looking up topics, articles and images to mention within content. The platforms also vary from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. The content will be created on content calendars to schedule what days posts will be sent out. Work from other directors ranges depending on current projects are being worked on.

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