Student Information

Student Name

Isha Rauf




Internship Information

Company/Organization: United States Congressman Bill Pascrell

Mentor(s):Orville Morales

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Office of Congressman Bill Pascrell works for New Jersey's Ninth Congressional District by securing federal funds for programs which the Congressman does by writing laws such as the FIRE ACT or co-sponsoring bills like the Paycheck Fairness Act which affects the entire country. The district office then provides for general constituent services. Congressman Bill Pascrell is a Democrat from Paterson representing 35 towns within Bergen County, Hudson County, and Passaic County in New Jersey's Ninth Congressional District. The Congressmanís District Office, located in Paterson New Jersey, works hard to help the constituents with their everyday concerns. They help citizens of the community with issues such as housing, immigration problems, veteran affairs, and social security.

Summary of Internship

Taking this internship allowed me significant insight into the world of a Congressional District Representative. As an intern for Congressman Bill Pascrell, I am responsible for performing daily tasks such as clipping important headlines and sending them down to the DC office. Throughout the day, I receive different projects, some more interesting than others. Some of the more interesting projects have been working with the Director of Communications and contacting different news organizations such as CNN and Politicker for events the Congressman would be holding. Other tasks, albeit not as exciting but still necessary include stuffing envelopes for mass mailings, making copies, writing letters on a multitude of subjects (congratulatory, memorial, , and have completed personal research projects relating to the duties of each staff member. Alongside all this, I am always responsible for the phone. I answer constituent phone calls and write down the necessary information so that the call can be handled best by the appropriate staff member. My interactions with staff members and constituents has offered me a new insight into the type of communication skills which are required for a professional setting. Interning at the Congressmanís office has helped me gain a better understanding of the Federal government and has helped me further understand what I wish to do with my future.

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