Student Information

Student Name

Brandon Valderrama



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Internship Information

Company/Organization: Spatter Studios Entertainment

Mentor(s):Louis Elton

Topic of Internship

Music Industry/Audio Engineering

Background Information

Spatter Studios Entertainment, LLC is an audio engineering and music industry management company whose goal is to provide local upcoming artists with various services. These services include management, promotion, booking, and audio recording. It was founded in December of 2014 by multi-instrumentalist Louis Elton, who is an alumni of the Academies @ Englewood. His vision was to be able to offer effective services for lower rates to musicians who want to be noticed by the larger names of the music industry.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for Spatter Studios Entertainment, I picked up on the tasks that my mentor, Louis Elton, did. Any task he needed to complete, I would assist him in doing so. Such tasks included promotion and booking. Prior to jumping into the tasks, I was taught briefly how to compose an attractive promotional post and how to stay professional while being outgoing enough to maintain good relationships with any contacts we may have. We often used social media to retrieve information about and contact artists that have potential to be booked. We also experiment with audio equipment and its different kinds of gear to see what differences can be found between types of technology and techniques. With this experience so far, I have found a passion in audio engineering and management, which encourages me to pursue this industry as a career. I also have a chance at getting a part-time position at Spatter Studios Entertainment after the Senior Experience program is over.

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