Student Information

Student Name

Rebekah Han




Internship Information

Company/Organization: UMPC Studios

Mentor(s):Andre Betts, Dylan Cocozzo, Jordan Finbow

Topic of Internship

Audio Engineering, Music Production

Background Information

Universal Music Production Center Studios is a recording studio located in Hackensack and has been there for the past 6 years. Although it is still a fairly new studio, UMPC is managed by my main mentor and music producer Andre Betts, with the help from audio engineer, Dylan Cocozzo and another intern, Jordan Finbow. UMPC also has a myriad of other talented audio engineers, producers, and artists that contribute to mixing, mastering, tracking, and music composition for all genres. Not only does UMPC offer recording sessions, but also offers private lessons to anyone despite oneís level of experience; UMPC teaches ambitious learners the musical disciplines of voice, piano, guitar, bass, percussion, audio engineering, and music production. The studio welcomes artists who seek to improve and expand upon their musical talents and desire to record professionally. UMPCís priority is to satisfy clients and adhere to their needs and make it an open, comfortable place for anyone who comes through the doors of the studio.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at UMPC, I usually clean up the studio rooms and make sure the overall studio is kept in good shape. In addition, I get to sit in during recording sessions and actually see the process artists go through to record their music. When Iím in the live room, Dylan teaches me how to wrap wires correctly, how to properly unclip microphones from the stands, and shows me how to use Protools; one of the most common program used to edit music in recording studios. Not only do I learn skills a typical audio engineer has, but I also learn better communication skills in a professional setting by observing and learning to interact more when approached by different people at the studio. Everytime I go to internship, I have the opportunity to meet various, musically-talented individuals who are extremely involved within the music industry. Although there are times when I do not have a lot to do at the studio, I realized patience is important and is definitely part of the learning experience. One of the biggest things I can take from this experience is how much Iíve been learning about the music industry just by being present in a recording studio every Thursday.

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