Student Information

Student Name

Odauris Castillo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Manhattan Place Entertainment

Mentor(s):Jamie Cohen, Steve Cohen

Topic of Internship

Film & Video Production Company

Background Information

Manhattan Place Entertainment (MPE) is a film/video production company that provides high level quality and experience in every aspect of content creation. MPE began with a vision and a focus in 1987, wanting to touch upon all branches of video/film production including everything from creating and producing episodic TV series, commercials, on-air promos, advertising and marketing campaigns, live events, show opens, and major corporate initiatives, brought through all forms of media and any platform imaginable. Manhattan Place Entertainment has been rewarded with film productionís most prestigious awards including: multiple Emmy Awards, Promax Awards, Telly Awards and Cine Eagle Awards. There are interns coming in and out of the office, others stationed around in the city, and others around the North East covering major professional teams like the NY Knicks, NY Rangers, NY Yankees, and their respected leagues like the MLB, NFL, and the NHL.

Summary of Internship

As an intern representing Manhattan Place Entertainment, my role in the company was focused more on the financial aspect of it, dealing with assignments of an accountant. Furthermore, I was able expand my knowledge of real workplace skills like the ability to talk to someone on the phone and explaining yourself fully on what you need and what you are looking for clearly and professionally. Further explaining myself for the type of equipment I needed or event that had to be planned was all accomplished over the phone. This activity allowed me to improve my social skills at a professional level while also having the opportunity to learn how communicate with someone without actually seeing them face to face. Focus and affectivity were crucial in this internship because invoices for example, that needed to be reviewed, organized, marked down, and completed were time sensitive and of huge importance. Unlike many other interns, my job was also to update and correctly fill in transactions the company had made in the past months, keeping the companyís account balance organized and up to date. Along with these activities also came the privilege of attending some of these exclusive shoots including one that I was able to go which was the New York Rangers media day back in September. Every week is something new and interactive and I am extremely grateful to have learned many of the skills needed to be successful in any workplace.

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