Student Information

Student Name

Lauren Alemany




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Courthouse

Mentor(s):Estela De La Cruz

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Bergen County Courthouse, located in Hackensack New Jersey is a federal court system in which is committed to ensuring fairness and justice throughout all of Bergen County residents. The Bergen County Courthouse has was built in 1910 and was the sixth courthouse build in Bergen County. James Gordon, the original builder of such premise won a competition to design the Bergen County Courthouse. The style of the courthouse building reflects what is known as a traditional American Resistance style. Such style and originality still stands strong while walking throughout the antiquated large marble hallways. In the court, I work for Honorable Estela De La Cruz. Honorable De La Cruz studied at Seton Hall University for her under graduate degree and continued to Rutgers Law School shortly after. She passed the Bar in 1983 and started her practice the same year. She was then appointed as a judge in 1997.

Summary of Internship

As an intern representing Honorable Judge Estela De La Cruz and the Bergen County Courthouse, I have access to observe and see how the everyday court system works every Thursday. I hear and attend meetings regarding to current court cases happening while also getting a taste of the paper work it requires to just conduct one simple case. During the hearings in court, I take notes and listen to the issues at hand and how they are resolved. After the cases, I have one on one meetings with my mentor discussing the case and what happened. Effective summarizing, logic based reasoning and organization are skills I have picked up during the course of my internship. This internship requires a great deal of independence, good work ethics and a good sense of reasoning in order to be able to finish and complete tasks to ones fullest potential. Professionalism and Communication are also crucial as my mentor gave me the freedom to let me walk around the courthouse freely to complete work without a supervisor always by my side. Every week I attend internship; I enhance my reasoning perspectives and sharpen my law senses as I learned more and more about my desired field of study. I am blessed to have accumulated an immense amount of useful knowledge and I am proud to say that through my internship experience, I want to pursue law as a career when I grow older.

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