Student Information

Student Name

Jeremy Ryan Palad




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Asian Young Life

Mentor(s):Dr. Brian Hall

Topic of Internship

Youth Ministry

Background Information

Asian Young Life (AYL) is a non-profit Christian organization that is commited to making a difference in Asian American teenagers. AYL strives to help students grow academically, physically, socially and spiritually. AYL is a chapter of a larger organization, Young Life, which was founded in 1941. Brian Hall was involved in Young Life since his high school and college years. He saw that Asian Americans struggled to join white dominated Young Life due to the difference in culture. So he started AYL, which used a similar methodology of the "Four Cs": club, campaigners, camp and contact work, but with an Asian twist.

Summary of Internship

As an intern under Asian Young Life, my job is to model leaders in carrying out the "Four C's of Asian Young Life." These "C's" include club, campaigners, camp and contact work. Club is a county wide meeting that occurs four times a year. It consists of mainly secular activities such as singing, games and skits and has a ten minute message about how God can play a part in teenagers' lives. I help prepare for club by doing odd jobs such as sort pictures or write skits. During club, I act as an overseer for the Club Crew, a group of student volunteers who set and clean up before and after club. Campaigners is a bi-weekly, school specific meeting that contains mostly religious conversation. I help drive students to this event and provide meaningful comments to these discussions. For our overnight camp trips, I have a similar role to club. I help prepare by doing a random jobs such as scanning health forms or help brainstorm activities. During the trips, I act as Dr. Hall's right-hand man. The most emphasized and important part of not only this internship, but the entire ministry is contact work. Contact work is when adult leaders spend time with students by doing everyday activities such as playing basketball or eating out. This allows genuine friendships to form, and allows the leaders to show God's love and become a mentor for students to reside in. As an intern, I replicate this idea by spending time with underclassmen and being an older brother figure to them.

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