Student Information

Student Name

Rory Grant




Internship Information

Company/Organization: MaxMD

Mentor(s):Kevin Williams

Topic of Internship

Customer Service

Background Information

MaxMD is a Healthcare Information Service Provider (HISP) that doubles as a Certificate and Registration Authority as well as the owner of the “.md” Top Level Domain. MaxMD provides healthcare practices and organizations with direct messaging, a public key infrastructure allowing trustworthy, secure, spam-proof communication or exchange of data. This guarantees that the individual a patient is communicating with through email or text is exactly who they say they are, and their medical records and data cannot leak or fall into the wrong hands. As a Certificate and Registration Authority they facilitate the distribution and authentication of MaxMD digital certificates. In order for an organization or hospital to be eligible for a certificate they must already demonstrate the ability to be responsible and secure when handling the records of their patients. Thus, a patient can be completely sure that a MaxMD verified establishment will take great care in their privacy. Their website provides users with an overview of the company in even greater detail, as well as functioning as a portal for those within the healthcare industry to inquire and potentially purchase their services.

Summary of Internship

I work in the customer service department, with Kevin Williams as my mentor. In the customer service department, I make renewal calls to the company’s customers. This means that I will call customers and ask if they want to renew any of the domain names that they purchased that have expired. The customers will sometimes not answer, but they call back and usually renew in the near future. Other than renewal calls, I tackle many other tasks such as handling the addition and deletion of subscriptions and updating their terms and pricing according to contracts.

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