Student Information

Student Name

Seba Saeed




Internship Information

Company/Organization: HackensackUMC

Mentor(s):Challiz Punla

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy

Background Information

New Jersey’s #1 hospital, HackensackUMC is the largest inpatient and outpatient service provider in the state. It originally opened with a modest amount of twelve beds and only a few doctors, but today, it has hundreds of beds, 1400 doctors, and it is gradually expanding its area. In fact, it is now part of the Hackensack Meridian Health Network. More buildings are being created and/or updated for the hospital each year. HackensackUMC has earned several prestigious awards and recognitions for its compassionate and orderly patient care, including the 2015 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, which has been received more than 10 times. It also has several other buildings off of its main campus that are affiliated with certain types of treatment. HackensackUMC constantly strives to create the most comfortable and up-to-date environment for its patients. Although it wins numerous awards every year for its excellence in patient care, its doctors and staff work diligently each day to ensure the best experience for them. Regarding Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the hospital has two Outpatient locations: the Sanzari building and the HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Center, Powered by the Giants.

Summary of Internship

Initially, it was difficult to learn at my internship because I thought I would seem bothersome or irritating if I asked questions. I knew that my mentor had her own work to do and I didn’t want to stand in the way of that. However, I realized that it was my responsibility to learn. This was my ultimate goal. I gathered the courage to ask my mentor one day if she could show me her treatments for some patients. This small step completely changed my approach to internship. When I approached the physical therapists with questions, they were excited to answer any and all of the questions that I had, and the patients were more than willing to describe their experiences for me. I was able to watch as they massaged, moved, and motivated their patients to use the equipment and learned what different tools and devices are used to literally measure a patient’s progress. Treatments performed in the whirlpool room were my personal favorite. One patient received wound care treatment by submerging his infected limb into specially warmed water. Most of the patients were post-op (post-surgery), so they needed to adapt to their new bodies. Watching the patients struggle through their treatments made me realize how fortunate I am to have the healthy body that I have. It may sound cliche, but I learned that internship is what you make of it, so keep asking “what more can I do?”

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