Student Information

Student Name

Ivana Zdravevska




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hudson Integrated

Mentor(s):Chris Blinstrub

Topic of Internship

Web Design

Background Information

Hudson Integrated is a Website Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Agency who's aim is to serve companies all over the country. Founded in 2003, there are two offices located in New Jersey and New York City that help businesses operate and run smoothly through online marketing and web technologies. At that time, the early stage of social media and online shopping was slowly evolving. Hudson is known for its advanced and well-customized websites, applications on the web, and SEO services offered to organizations. Friendly and understanding of the clientsí wishes, Hudson Integrated comprehends and provides the best solutions possible. Their goal is to create technologies that are appealing to the real world in order to help other businesses expand through the media. Their objective is to ambitiously continue to provide necessary and innovative services to their clients for a better way to be recognized and to find success.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for Hudson Integrated, I am an additional help to the Creative Director, Chris Blinstrub, who guides me through the work that I am assigned to complete. Every Thursday morning, I go to the office in Saddle Brook, NJ, and look at my email and an online tool called Trello, that keeps the tasks I have to finish organized. There is a new task assigned for me to do every Thursday, which makes every internship day more fun and interesting since I am not stuck with doing the same projects each time. Some days, I am given an image or an example of part of a website to recreate with coding. Other days, I am given content, photos, CTAs, FAQs, and other fixes that need to be updated for a clientís live or developing website. Also, not only can I work with coding programs, but with design programs, as well, such as Photoshop. With each project, I am able to gain more knowledge and experience with certain types of coding elements that every website incorporates and operates on. Testing a website for mistakes, formatting issues, and other bugs that can occur on a website has also helped me understand more on what causes the problem and how to find a solution for it. Through meetings and questions, my mentorís generous and helpful attitude have also made my internship a lot easier and a great environment for learning. Because of this internship, I was able to explore my passion and put it into practice in a professional based setting.

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