Student Information

Student Name

Julia Leavitt




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Scientia Diagnostics

Mentor(s):Ms. Bridget Overman

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Scientia Diagnostics is a toxicology lab located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey that provides accurate and precise quantitative urinalysis results. ScientiaDx partners with healthcare practitioners around the country to improve the quality of patient care through drug testing. They utilize state of the art LC-MS/MS technology to offer rapid and accurate results and provide easy-to-interpret reports to clinicians. Their mission is to offer patients the safest and most effective treatment by allowing healthcare practitioners to effectively manage their medication and adherence. By using urine drug tests, ScientiaDx is able to create actionable information to help healthcare practitioners evaluate patient adherence, treatment plans, and better outcomes. With the use of prescription medications on the rise, it is extremely important for healthcare providers to get the accurate information on their patients drug adherence, and ScientiaDx makes that possible.

Summary of Internship

Interning at Scientia Diagnostics has given me a deeper understanding of the toxicology business. Working under Ms. Bridget Overman, I learned the ins-and-outs of managing a toxicology lab. On a typical day at my internship, I would start by unpacking the urine from the FedEx and USPS shipments that arrived that morning. While unpacking the urine cups I would check number on the cup of urine and the number on the requisition forms to make sure they match up. Once I checked those numbers, I would give the sample a new number that would be used for accessioning. After unpacking the urine samples, Ms. Overman would accession the urine samples while I registered new patients and scanned their documents. After all new patients were accessioned and registered I would contact healthcare providers for any missing demographics or insurance information for these new patients. After all of this work was done, I would get the opportunity to observe the toxicologist while she used the LC-MS/MS technology in order to test the urine for both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. This internship taught me a lot about people skills as well as the importance of proper drug use.

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