Student Information

Student Name

Daniela Belen Moreano




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Transamerica Financial Advisors / Anaj Enterprises

Mentor(s):Dr. Jana B. Woodhouse

Topic of Internship

Financial Services

Background Information

Transamerica is one of the world's leading financial services companies, providing insurance, investments and more.Transamerica was founded in 1928 by Amadeo Giannini who merged with Bank of America. In 1930, Giannini obtained Accidental Life Insurance Company through Transamerica Corporation. Today, the Transamerica corporation is committed to helping people just as they were when the corporation first began. Transamerica customers have access to an even wider range of services due to advances in technology. It offers customers services in life insurance, retirement plans, and help with their their financial futures. Transamerica wants to help its customers build a solid foundation for today and for their tomorrow.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for Transamerica Financial Advisors and Anaj Enterprises Inc, I was introduced to the world of both accounting and finance. During the first half of my internship I was introduced to Transamerica’s platforms which include, WealthWave360 and is used for Marketing, How Money Works which is used for educating clients, Outstand is used for technology such as client campaigns, and TFA Connect which is used for securities and investments. I was able to sit in during many webinars that were used to teach new technology the company was working on. Apart from attending meeting with all the advisors, I was able to speak to clients and hear what they wanted their finances to be moving forward. I worked a lot with WealthWave360. I learned that a huge part of being successful in this industry is organization and your relationship with your clients. WealthWave360 gave my mentor a platform on which she could market to her clients. I worked on getting updating all client information and starting marketing campaigns. The second half of my time at internship was dedicated to taxes with Dr. Woodhouse own income tax business, Anaj Enterprises Inc. I was responsible for getting all of the clients the correct forms and entering data. I worked with a team who demonstrated professionalism and excellence with everything they did, but also demonstrated acceptance and willingness to teach. My experience as an intern was an amazing one and I could not imagine having done it any other way.

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