Student Information

Student Name

John Melizanis




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New Horizon Financial

Mentor(s):Ed Sweeney

Topic of Internship


Background Information

New Horizon Financial is a financial planning and tax preparation firm that provides financial advice, investment products, and a tax service for its clients. The firm does business with many of the large fund families including MFS Funds, American Funds, Lord Abbett and many more. The firm is quite small in size, yet is ran by Mr. Ed Sweeney and his team of three other advisers that strive to give their costumers a personable and trust filled financial relationship. New Horizon Financial is located in Bogota and is a great community based firm that encompasses many facets of what a large financial firm does into a small unique entity.

Summary of Internship

Despite the fact that I am a high school intern, I took upon many responsibilities and tasks that I would have not have had the chance to undergo had I had interned at a larger firm. During the first half of the year I spent a lot of time on the investments side of the business. I worked with financial statements and a multitude of different mutual and bond funds. During this time some of the responsibilities that I had included, screening both stocks and bonds as I looked for new investments for potential clients. Additionally, I worked closely with my mentor in developing presentations for new clients who were looking to invest. These experiences allowed me to dive right into the world of finance and the daily life of a financial planner. During the second half of the year I moved to the tax accounting side of the business. I obtained hands on experience with accounting software, and the complex IRS code. I was fortunate enough to help my mentor put together a few tax returns for clients, which really showed me the countless opportunities tax accounting has to offer. One of the most exciting caveats to my experience with this internship was my close relationship to my mentor and to his clients. I was able to be part of his daily routine rather then just do his busy work. Through this internship I gained the experience and knowledge of working in the finance and accounting industry.

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