Student Information

Student Name

Ruby Maury-Jorge




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Verameat

Mentor(s):Meghan Hennessy

Topic of Internship

Marketing and Retail

Background Information

Verameat is a jewelry company started by Vera Balyura about 7 years ago. It is NYC based, and all of the jewelry is made in Manhattan. She opened her first store in the East Village and later opened a second store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her jewelry is very unique and contemporary. All of her jewelry is of her own design and I guarantee you will find nothing else like it. Anja Slibar is the creative director of the company and design all of the bags, scarfs, pins, keychains, and print art found all over the stores.

Summary of Internship

Interning at Verameat entails many responsibilities. In the Brooklyn location, which is where the online orders are shipped out, the intern has the responsibility of pulling pieces and shipping orders. Interns will pull jewelry for photoshoots, organize jewelry that was switched out from the floor, and assist in social media posts and marketing. Interns will pick up and drop off jewelry and other important items at the other store location and run errands, such as going to the jeweler to pick up a repair or dropping off pieces for a photoshoot. Interns will have to go to the store often to restock on low materials, like packaging tape and water. Occasionally, an intern may help with sales and customer service. All of this results in a very one-on-one experience with the ins and outs of running a small business. One can see the different applications used to manage money, inventory, and marketing. One will come in contact with different marketing techniques and steps taken to create exposure of the brand and increase sales.

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