Student Information

Student Name

Stefano Castro




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow Academies @Englewood

Mentor(s):Mr. Ravitz/ Ms. Rochman

Topic of Internship

Film and Communications

Background Information

overpopulation in existing schools. According to record, DMHS suffered from diversity and a lack of positive test score results during the 1980's. As a result, Englewood Cliffs attempted to break their "sending receiving" relationship to avoid harming their studentsí academic future. In an attempt to insure diversification in schools and to increase overall academic standings, Bergen County decided to make the Academies in 2002. The Academy program brings students from all around Bergen County to challenge their academic ability and prepare them for their desired profession to study in college. The Academies @ Englewood helps students focus on specific majors in which they deem is best for them. The majors provided by the school include Bio-Medicine, Law and Public Safety, Pre-Engineering, Information System, and Finance. The students that study at the school come from diverse backgrounds and show the initiative to develop new skills to help better their academic standings and creative processes. The High School is only a small section of the large public school district. The Englewood Public School District (EPSD) is governed by the Superintendent, Robert Kravtiz, and the members of the Englewood Board of Education. However, district staff and administrators work to enforce the authority of the district and prepare students for the future they wish to pursue.

Summary of Internship

Although there are no set guidelines for this internship, my job was to fill my time with projects that would help awareness of certain school events and issues. Additionally, this internship requires the intern to teach a 9th period club known as the "News Broadcating Club." The club was created with the goal to develop a news cast that would document and promote events through film. For this year, students were taught basic film knowledge including the 3 pillars of photography and cinematography, the importance of lighting and its effects on the subject, and the ethics behind interviewing and public speaking. This internship has also put my film work to the test by challenging me to create more complex scripts, attempt more interesting angles, improve editing abilities (including audio and lighting), and becoming proficient to teach a club about the basics of film. When Mr. Armental was present, he gave me jobs in order to promote school events and to set a good foundation for potential student filmmakers. For instance, he wanted me to find out the legal issues behind using a drone and how I could avoid any conflicts by making a proposal similar to another school. Other jobs include filming Christmas festivities to heighten school spirit, writing scripts for suture films, building the News Broadcasting Club and forming a connection to Tenafly High school (who have worked to develop a glorious news station over the past 20 years). After he left, most of the projects I have made were independent but Mr. Ravitz gave me good advice to simply execute a complex idea. During March Madness, a month-long spirit event hosted at the Academies, I tested my skills by using a lighting technique to build suspense in the commercial I was creating. By using artificial lighting and a black poster board I could control how much light was being exposed to the subject. This developed a serious tone to the film and showed the intensity of the competition.

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