Student Information

Student Name

Sanja Dimoska




Internship Information

Company/Organization: RRR Associations & Special Events

Mentor(s):Feikje van Rein; Lisa Lu

Topic of Internship

Event Planning

Background Information

RRR Associations & Special Events provides tailored association management to legal networks, associations and alliances, in addition to customized event planning for law firms, companies and associations, while advancing and serving each client’s mission. The company provides the following services: governance, meeting and event planning, membership and volunteer development, marketing, website management, and financial accounting. RRR’s clients are mainly intellectual property law associations. These associations promote the development and administration of intellectual property and related laws. It provides its membership with an opportunity to make their views known and to advance the knowledge of legal professionals, the judiciary, government and the public. One of the largest regional intellectual property law organization is the New York Intellectual Property Law Association.

Summary of Internship

I was the Data Entry and Support Intern at RRR Association & Special Events. I maintained the accuracy of the Customer Relation Management (CRM) system. The CRM contains clients’ personal information such as their contact information and reference notes. In addition, I supported the team in the preparation process for upcoming events. I handled calls, created name badges, made props, and organized program supplies. I also attended some events to assist with the onsite logistical matters.

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