Student Information

Student Name

Shorasool Shatursun




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Langan Engineering

Mentor(s):Ms. Colette DiLauro

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering (Site/Civil)

Background Information

Starting in 1970, Langan Engineering began as a geotechnical specific company, but slowly grew into a much larger and complex company now involved with Site/Civil, Environmetal related services, as well as geotechnical. The company has grown from Parsippany, NJ to 20 offices nationwide and 7 offices internationally. Langan has worked on projects ranging from hospitals, to airports, to universities, to attractions, as well as schools. Langan continues to win awards for projects they have worked on and for employees that show great work ethic and skill.

Summary of Internship

Working with Langan, I learned a lot about the different processes that go into making buildings, roads, etc. I learned that to make the building, or whatever is being constructed, water mains, electricity conduits, city ordinances, sewers, and much more has to be accounted for. Working with Langan for so many weeks, I experienced first hand what it is like to be apart of said processes. Although going to sites was not common for me because I was seventeen, from drawings, plans, and different photo logs, I was able to tell what was happening and what they were doing. The responsibilites and tasks I was given by my mentor included editing drawings and plans in AutoCAD, and ultimately learning how to use AutoCAD, as well as recording physical drawings, plans, etc. into the company's database. Additionally, taking a look into the city ordinances, specifications, and guidelines, gave me an idea of what was required of us as engineers and also gave me more insight into the whole process of making a building from architect to civil engineer to contractor.

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