Student Information

Student Name

Janice Park




Internship Information

Company/Organization: World Information Transfer

Mentor(s):Dr. Claudia Strauss, Modou Cham

Topic of Internship

International Relations

Background Information

The World Information Transfer, Inc. (WIT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in General Consultative Status with the United Nations that aims to promote environmental literacy and health. WIT was founded in 1987 in in response to the demonstrated need to provide information about the environment and its effect on human health. The NGO (non-governmental organization) was inspired by the lack of government transparency during the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy, specifically relating to the way that the nuclear fallout would affect the health of citizens. WIT fulfills its mission through several projects such as the publishing of the World Ecology Report, a quarterly digest of critical issues in health and environment, and its website, which includes an e-newsletter that targets a younger audience, the Ecology Enquirer. In addition, WIT has held an annual Health and Environment “Global Partners for Global Solutions” conference at the UN Headquarters since 1992. WIT further aims to contribute to the causes of health and environmental literacy by offering scholarships to university students studying areas relating to health and environment. WIT also endeavors to educate and cultivate the future leaders of the world by offering internships, where interns spend most of their time and responsibilities at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Summary of Internship

Interns for WIT are granted seasonal UN Headquarters passes that allow access to open meetings and events. These conferences cover various subjects ranging from human rights to economic development. Interns are also expected to fulfill various responsibilities throughout their time with WIT. As a youth representative, I attended and summarized relevant meetings to gather information related to health, environment, and sustainable development. In addition to producing summaries to be posted on the WIT WordPress blog, I live tweeted the meeting as it was being conducted. I was also responsible for writing a piece in the "Good News" section of the World Ecology Report. Finally, I was privileged to prepare for the annual conference "Global Partners for Global Solutions" as well as perform various duties during the conference including escorting the guests to the conference room and passing out various paraphernalia. One of the greatest advantages of interning for WIT is the balance of freedom and guidance allowed for each intern. I was privileged to choose any conference I desired to learn from, whether it be for fulfilling the obligations of a WIT intern or my personal growth. At the same time, my mentors were there to challenge me and offer me new perspectives on the insight I had gained in the meetings. Through this internship I have gained a new realization of the requirements of a work environment as well as a hands on understanding of the global community and the inner workings of international government.

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