Student Information

Student Name

Vanessa Wolosz




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bauer Publishing

Mentor(s):Brittany Galla

Topic of Internship

Publishing/Interdisciplinary Media

Background Information

Bauer Publishing is the #1 seller of magazines at retail in the United States. The magazines published by Bauer include, but are not limited to: J-14, Life & Style, In Touch Weekly, Ideas and Discoveries, and Girls' World. Not only in the business of publishing magazines, Bauer has focuses on all types of media outreach, from the internet to radio and television as well as print. First emerging in 1981 with the successful publication Woman’s World Magazine, Bauer Publishing is now a top player in terms of media and publications. Now, in 2017, Bauer is thriving! Bauer's various publications and media reach millions of Americans on a regular basis. Bauer Publishing remains relevant in the digital age by constantly releasing new and exciting magazine titles to newsstands.

Summary of Internship

As an editorial intern, I primarily work with magazine editors. Every Thursday, I am relegated a series of tasks ranging from sorting mail and transcribing interviews to pulling photos and brainstorming relevant social media posts. Each week presented me with new responsibilities and each Thursday was different from the last. In 2017, the publishing industry remains successful due in part to its flexibility over various media outlets. I not only got ample experience working on printed issues of magazines, but also several web resources. Because I was often expected to use technology specific to the publishing industry, I learned how to employ a company-wide server as well as programs such as InDesign and Censhare. Over the course of my internship, I gained invaluable experience regarding collaboration and communication and general knowledge necessary if I intend to pursue a career in media or publishing.

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