Student Information

Student Name

Leticia Murillo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: World Information Transfer

Mentor(s):Dr. Claudia Strauss

Topic of Internship

Non-governmental Organization/ International Relat

Background Information

World Information Transfer, Inc. (WIT) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in General Consultative Status with the United Nations that promotes environmental literacy and health. Founded in 1987, WIT was formed in recognition of the pressing need to provide accurate information about our deteriorating global environment and its effect on human health based on the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, a nuclear accident that occurred in Ukraine in 1986. To promote environmental health and literacy, WIT publishes the World Ecology Report, a quarterly digest of critical environmental and health issues. WIT also holds an annual health and environment conference in the United Nations Headquarters since 1992. To encourage the engagement of youth in issues regarding environment and health, WIT offers internships for the fall and spring semesters and in the summer to students, where most of their time is spent in the United Nations Headquarters.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for World Information Transfer (WIT), I am a representative for WIT at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. I attend weekly meetings on a plethora of topics including sustainable development, conflicts in different nations, humanitarian aid, and environmental issues. In these meetings, I take notes to write a summary for WITís intern blog and tweet from the WIT twitter account. Prior to WITís annual conference, interns help with registering guests for the conference and preparing the informational packets handed out to the guests. At WITís annual conference, interns are tasked with helping guests arrive to the conference room, distributing informational packets to the audience, taking photos of speakers, live tweeting, and tending to the different groups who arrive for the conference.The liberty given to the interns is what makes this internship an impactful learning experience outside of the classroom. Instead of being restricted to the meetings that solely focus on WITís mission, interns are allowed to explore different meetings that intrigue them. The experiences I have had in this internship have expanded my global outlook and awareness and given me essential skills needed to effectively work in a professional setting.

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