Student Information

Student Name

Mahenoor Shaikh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Weill Cornell Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Demetri Merianos & Dr. Shaun Steigman

Topic of Internship

Pediatric Surgery

Background Information

Weill Cornell Medical Center was established in the year 1898 and has been affiliated with New York- Presbyterian Hospital since the year 1927. Being located on the Upper East Side, WCMC has a powerful network of connections with surrounding hospitals and schools. Several clinical specialties are housed in the hospital including New York-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children's Health. This comes to be a full service pediatric hospital of its own and is recognized as one of only ten pediatric hospitals in the nation to be ranked in ten clinical specialties.

Summary of Internship

A typical Thursday morning at internship starts off by checking into clinic and reviewing the number of patients who will be coming in on that specific day. Meeting with either Dr. Merianos or Dr. Steigman and their team of residents and medical students, I am provided with a brief summary of the patient and then shadow the team as they talk to the patient and his/her family. Prior to the beginning of clinic, I often make rounds on the hospital's pediatric floor with one of the doctors. During these rounds I am able to visit patients in the NICU and PICU as well and learn more about the level of care which such patients receive. I also have the rare opportunity to attend lectures with medical students and learn more about the daily life of medical students, interns, and residents through friendly interactions.

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