Student Information

Student Name

Kieran Hillary




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Eternity Funeral Services

Mentor(s):Mr. Aree & Mrs. Gloria Booker

Topic of Internship

Mortuary Business Management

Background Information

Eternity Funeral Services is a family owned business. The family is very dedicated to their work and the main goal of this business is to provide affordable services to the people who suffer from a lose of a loved one. The staff here is a close community of family and friend creating a warm and welcoming environment to their customers. The two owners, Aree and Gloria Davila- Booker. is a married couple who not only run a great business but raise their four kids in an apartment above the funeral home. Are lived in Englewood, NJ his whole life and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and graduated there with a bachelor degree and then pursued further schooling to receive license in the mortuary business. As for his wife Gloria, she attended high school in Elizabeth, NJ and then pursued a bachelor degree in communications through Fairleigh Dickinson University. Together they make a great team in running this business and are both very dedicated to their work and gaining satisfaction from making the process as easy as possible for their mourning customers.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for Eternity Funeral Home, I have learned a lot about the funeral business. I went from my first day, highly skeptical about the new realm of work, and reality that I just entered. Now, I feel as if I am almost a full time employee, as everyone treats me as family, and I now take on bigger tasks. At the funeral home, I was able to sharpen up my skills on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, as well as creating DVD slideshows for the deceased. In addition, I have learned how an office works, how to create name cards, registry books, hearse cards and many more. From outside the office, I have visited a few companies which supply the funeral home with their products. I have also established a good relationship with most of the companies, which I shall also use myself in the near future. However, from my experience at Eternity, the most important thing I've learned, is how to comfort and cope with the death of a loved one and their families. My mentor takes great pride in ensuring that all of his customers grieve in the easiest, and most comfortable manner possible.

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